Why I Can’t See Anything Through My Telescope – Troubleshooting

It is frustrating when you set up your telescope at night, then look and can’t see anything through it! Been there, done that.  The reason why you can’t see anything through your telescope can be caused by a few factors. You are doing something wrong, there is something wrong with your telescope, or it is […]

How To Increase The Magnification Of a Telescope

There are few options for how you can increase the magnification of the telescope. Telescopes come in a stock configuration, not using the maximum potential they have. You always have to buy some additional accessories if you want to increase the magnification. The best way to increase the magnification of a telescope is to increase […]

How To Store a Telescope – All You Need To Know

How to store a telescope is a thing that you should not overlook. Telescopes use optical lenses and mirrors that have to be protected. Based on the telescope size and design, you have a few storage options you can choose from. The most important aspect of telescope storage is a constant temperature and dry environment. […]

Best Camera For Astrophotography – Buying Guide

Choosing the best camera for astrophotography is a challenging task. There are so many factors you have to consider that it can’t be an overnight decision. I remember the first time when I was searching for the best camera for astrophotography, and it was a nightmare. With so many options, it is overwhelming.  So I […]

What To Look For When Buying A Telescope – Astronomer Advice

I said it on this blog many times before; there is not just one best beginner telescope for everyone. Each of us buying the telescope are looking for a specific thing to do with it. Anyway, if you have no clue how you want to use your first telescope, read my article about the telescope […]

Red Dot Finder Not Working – Fixed!

One day, I decided that I will mount Red Dot Finder from my old telescope to my DSLR camera. It should help with aligning and also framing the objects that I’m shooting. So I went into the garage and took my old telescope(Bresser 70AZ Reflector) that was sitting there for a few years. I remembered […]

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