Why I Can’t See Anything Through My Telescope – Troubleshooting

It is frustrating when you set up your telescope at night, then look and can’t see anything through it! Been there, done that.  The reason why you can’t see anything through your telescope can be caused by a few factors. You are doing something wrong, there is something wrong with your telescope, or it is […]

Are GoTo Telescopes Worth It? – My Real Experience

I have owned a few GoTo telescopes over the years, but also some manual ones, so I’m going to share my experience and give you my honest opinion that GoTo telescopes are worth buying. What is a GoTo telescope? GoTo telescopes are telescopes on a computerized mount that can find and track objects in the […]

What Can You See With a 70mm Telescope?

The 70mm telescope is a good beginner telescope for a new astronomer. My first telescope was actually a 70mm Newtonian reflector from Bresser, so I can give you my real experience with this telescope. Is a 70mm telescope good? You can see a lot of objects in the sky with a 70mm telescope. The 70mm […]

Why Does My Telescope Cover Have a Hole In It?

Every telescope has a front cover that is also called a dust cap. But this dust cap is not there only to protect your telescope from dust when you are not using it. You may notice that there is a smaller cap covering the smaller hole on the cover. This small hole has a specific […]

SVBONY SV305 PRO Review – Is It Good?

I decided to buy SVBONY SV305 Pro to test it for lunar imaging and planetary imaging. On the paper, it looks promising and is also affordable for beginners as an upgrade from a webcam or cheap planetary cameras. It is the same camera as standard SV305 but with the USB3.0 interface. SVBONY SV305 Pro is […]

What Magnification Do You Need To See Planets?

Magnification is an important factor when you plan to observe planets. Not so much for deep sky objects because most of them are big on the sky; therefore, low magnification is beneficial. The planets are very small objects to look at, and you need the highest magnification that your telescope can handle to see the […]

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