How To Detect Exoplanets – You Can Do It From Home

When I was a kid, I was hoping that there are other planets in the universe beyond our solar system. But no planets were detected around other stars until the January 9th, 1992 when the first discovery of two planets orbiting the Pulsar type star PSR 1257+12 was announced by two radio astronomers- Aleksander Wolszczan […]

How To Focus a Telescope (Visual and Astrophotography)

When you are using your telescope, getting the crystal clear image in your eyepiece is one of the most important things to nail. The focusing can sometimes be hard to do. Every telescope has a different focuser, and there are even differences in the procedure between different types of telescopes. In this article, I will […]

How To Use AZ GoTo Computerized Telescope – Beginner Guide

So, you want to have your first stargazing session with your brand new AZ GoTo computerized telescope. The marketing materials are telling us that the computerized telescopes are easy to use. It is correct. However, there is a learning curve to get used to operating this type of scope. Once you master all the setup […]

How To Connect Telescope To Computer

The easiest way to connect and control your telescope with a computer is to use free planetarium software called Stellarium. This software supports many computerized mounts, and after a successful connection, you can control the telescope from your computer. There are two types of connecting your telescope to a computer. The first one is to […]

How To Use a WebCam With a Telescope

Using a WebCam with your telescope is the first step to the big topic of Astrophotography and Video Astronomy. Even I have started with small 76/700 reflector and a standard webcam. Don’t try to skip this experience because it will give you a lot and you’ll be prepared for the next level. You can use […]

How To Collimate Mirrors On Newtonian Reflector

Collimation is the alignment of the telescope optics. It means you have to adjust both primary and secondary mirror to get the best image possible. For some people, collimation is a nightmare and many times they buy refractor instead of a reflector because of that. But, it is a very simple process, and you don’t […]

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