Telrad Finder Scope – Perfect Star Hopping Tool

You may have noticed a huge boxy thing on top of some telescopes, and these boxes are called Telrad Reflex Sight Findersopes. They have a specific purpose in astronomy when using a telescope. They were designed in the 1970s, and they have not changed since. Telrad reflex finder scope is a simple tool for telescopes, […]

Best Telescope Under $1000 – Every Situation

If you are reading my blog regularly, then you already know that I have written articles about the Best Telescope Under $200 and the Best Telescope Under $500. In this article, I want to focus on those of you that have a bigger budget for buying their first telescope, or you already have a cheaper […]

The Best Stargazing App – Smartphone And PC

There are many stargazing and astronomy apps you can use for navigating on the night sky. Over the years, I have been using almost every app available, and today, I want to talk about the best stargazing app. Actually, I will show you the two best stargazing apps, and they both are FREE. One is […]

National Geographic Telescope NT114CF – Carbon Fiber Telescope

If you are looking for a cheap starter telescope for your kids, then National Geographic Telescope NT114CF is a great choice for the money. You can find this telescope on Amazon at starting prices from $60, so it is very cheap, and you will get a decent telescope compared to some toy telescopes.  National Geographic […]

What To Look For When Buying A Telescope – Astronomer Advice

I said it on this blog many times before; there is not just one best beginner telescope for everyone. Each of us buying the telescope are looking for a specific thing to do with it. Anyway, if you have no clue how you want to use your first telescope, read my article about the telescope […]

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