National Geographic Telescope NT114CF – Carbon Fiber Telescope

If you are looking for a cheap starter telescope for your kids, then National Geographic Telescope NT114CF is a great choice for the money. You can find this telescope on Amazon at starting prices from $60, so it is very cheap, and you will get a decent telescope compared to some toy telescopes.  National Geographic […]

What To Look For When Buying A Telescope – Astronomer Advice

I said it on this blog many times before; there is not just one best beginner telescope for everyone. Each of us buying the telescope are looking for a specific thing to do with it. Anyway, if you have no clue how you want to use your first telescope, read my article about the telescope […]

Why Are Observatories Built On Mountain Tops

You may be asking why astronomers build large observatories on the mountain tops. Why not build it lower on the ground near the sea level where it won’t require so much work for transporting the telescopes high on the top of the mountain? There are a couple of reasons why the best and largest telescopes […]

Meade ETX-60AT / 70AT Astro Telescope – Cheap And Compact

The Mease ETX-60AT and 70AT were very popular telescopes. Even though Meade doesn’t sell them anymore, you can always find them in the pawn shops or online marketplace for used telescopes. Which means you can have a portable observatory that can fit in your backpack for $50. These are not like other telescopes with the […]

Celestron SkyPortal WiFi Module – Setup and Review

Telescopes were stagnating and using old technologies over the past years. Thankfully, it started to change recently, and in the last few years, telescope manufacturers finally started upgrading the tech in consumer telescopes. A while back, one of my friends was asking me about telescopes, and we came to the computerized mount topic. He was […]

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