How To Stargaze With Girlfriend – Easy Steps

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Ok, everyone, I’m writing this article with the help of my girlfriend. The reason is, I tried in the past to surprise her with a unique date, actually a few times and it was always good fun, but some things could be prepared better. If you have an eye on a girl, women, men whatever you prefer and you want to take them stargazing, here is how to do it.

This is only a practical side of the thing, don’t forget you’ll have to be charming and stuff and for that, get tips on dating topics in this guide.

So, let’s start by pointing out that I really don’t think it’s a good idea to take a girl stargazing on a first date. Why? Well, my girlfriend told me that unless you already know her, and you met before, it’s fine, but it would be kind of creepy to meet someone for the first time and take them to a dark, isolated spot to go “stargazing.” Might be a bit creepy. After I checked this with some of my female friends, they confirmed that they wouldn’t go on a date like that with a person they don’t know. Moreover, I was told, definitely don’t do it as a surprise! Well, I understand, nowadays it looks suspicious and not safe.

Moving on, if you’re planning stargazing date with a person that is comfortable with you, go for it. It’s a cool and surprisingly unique activity to do together. You would be surprised how many people, woman, and man have never been stargazing. Nowadays, if outdoor activities or astronomy is not your hobby, you won’t go out and just observe the sky. And I’m not even saying how many people would be blown away to see a planet or nebula through a telescope for the first time. This is a unique experience you can share with a special person (OMG, what a cheesy sentence, I told you my GF was helping me with this article).

When to do it?

If you are an amateur astronomer, you know that it’s important to pick the time for this date carefully. The night sky is not the same every night, and the objects you can see are regularly changing. When stargazing is the only thing you want to do on this date, you have to choose the clear night and favorable weather with pleasant temperatures. Check the forecast on Metcheck for example. Don’t go stargazing during the full Moon as it lights up the sky too much. Unless the object you want to observe is the Moon and you plan to bring your telescope. It will be more interesting than just hectically searching for “something good” in the sky to show off in front of your girl. The bottom line is, be prepared.

How to do it?

Stargazing date essentials:

  • girlfriend/boyfriend
  • husband/wife…check
  • transportation ready
  • layers of clothing
  • waterproof blanket to sit on or foldable chairs
  • extra blanket
  • binoculars/ telescope
  • accessories (filters, batteries, laser pointer, red flashlight, etc.)
  • food and drinks
  • bug repellent
  • tissues, wet wipes
  • iPod/ phone with music ready
  • phone app that helps you find out what are you looking at
    (Problem with this one is that using a phone is not a good idea. Not on any date but especially on a stargazing date. Someone calls you, or you turn the phone on by accident and your night vision is gone. Then you have to wait another 30 minutes or so until your eyes are fully adapted to darkness again.)
  • garbage bag
  • good mood

Stargazing Picnic Date

Foodwise, it’s best to prepare or buy foods which are easily consumed in a dark environment. Easy stuff that can be picked up by hands like mini sandwiches, spring rolls, empanadas, etc. Or even something more simple like cheese sticks or a bag of chips. Anyway, make sure you bring it in an air-tight container to keep it fresh and also to keep it from bugs and ants. Here come handy the wet wipes, you can show off that you thought of everything.
Drinkwise, a thermos with hot chocolate or mulled wine is a good idea for colder nights. However, you can bring anything that you know your company will enjoy.

Romantic Date Ideas For Stargazing:

  • print out star constellation
  • bring a map of the stars
  • prepare soft music playlist
  • don’t forget to wish upon a shooting star
  • surprise your girlfriend and show her her zodiac sign star constellation in the night sky- make sure you know the correct date for her birthday
  • recite a poem
  • play a music instrument
  • sing together
  • dance together

How To Stargaze With Girlfriend?

Have a girlfriend, find a star, gaze at it.

You have to realize that your girlfriend might not be that interested in astronomy. In that case, I wouldn’ try to make an astronomy lecture for her. If she’s more interested in spending time with you than searching for planets and nebulas (good for you) take only binoculars on a date. No need to set up the telescope, if observing the sky won’t be the main event. If you are unsure and need some help picking up decent binoculars, check some of my recommendations for STARGAZING BINOCULARS.

Perfect Stargazing Conclusion

I am pretty sure that when you got this spectacular idea for a stargazing date, you went to google and typed in “perfect date stargazing.” Let me crash your dreams now. It doesn’t exist guys! Don’t stress and don’t go crazy if anything doesn’t go as planned. Stargazing, however romantic and intimate it is might go wrong too (don’t get me started on particular examples how) but remember to relax and enjoy a laid-back atmosphere with your partner. The great thing about stargazing date is, you can make it as simple or as tunned up as you want. From lying on the blanket cuddling and observing the sky with the naked eye to telescope, activities, picnic, or whatever comes to your mind. Have a great time!

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