Why Is Celestron PowerSeeker 127EQ The Best Selling Telescope?

As an amateur astronomer, I’m always looking into new telescopes, just browsing and looking at what my next upgrade will be even if I’m not planing it in the near future. While browsing the Amazon, I found out that the #1 Bestselling reflecting telescope there is one of the worst telescopes I know. So I […]

How To Focus a Telescope (Visual and Astrophotography)

When you are using your telescope, getting the crystal clear image in your eyepiece is one of the most important things to nail. The focusing can sometimes be hard to do. Every telescope has a different focuser, and there are even differences in the procedure between different types of telescopes. In this article, I will […]

How To Use AZ GoTo Computerized Telescope – Beginner Guide

So, you want to have your first stargazing session with your brand new AZ GoTo computerized telescope. The marketing materials are telling us that the computerized telescopes are easy to use. It is correct. However, there is a learning curve to get used to operating this type of scope. Once you master all the setup […]

The Best Telescope Under $500 – Astronomer Advice

When you are buying a telescope, the budget may be the main decision-making requirement for you. I have made an article about 4 best telescopes under $200, and today I will talk about higher priced telescopes under $500. This price is already in the range where you can get a professional telescope. It is tough […]

How To Connect Telescope To Computer

The easiest way to connect and control your telescope with a computer is to use free planetarium software called Stellarium. This software supports many computerized mounts, and after a successful connection, you can control the telescope from your computer. There are two types of connecting your telescope to a computer. The first one is to […]

Maksutov Newtonian Review: The Ultimate Astrograph?

Maksutov Newtonian is a rare and unique design in the telescope world. It is not so well known, but it is starting to get the attention that it deserves. Maksutov Newtonian is a combination of the Newtonian reflector and Maksutov correcting lens. Standard Newtonians suffer from coma around the edge of the field of view. […]

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