Alt-Azimuth Mount vs Equatorial Mount – What To Choose?

If you are looking to buy the first telescope, you have to decide what type of mount you want for your telescope. The mount is the most important factor of the telescope assembly. There are two main types of telescope mounts: The Alt-Azimuth mount and the Equatorial mount. The best type of telescope mount to […]

The Best Barlow Lens For Any Telescope – Buying Guide

Barlow lens is a fantastic tool and should be in every amateur astronomer inventory. You will probably end up with a few of those. But with so many Barlow lenses to choose from, you need to know and understand what Barlow lens is and what it does to make the right purchase. I will explain […]

Cheshire Eyepiece vs Laser Collimator – Which Is Better?

If you own a Newtonian reflector telescope, you need to collimate it from time to time. You might be wondering what you should use for the collimation, Cheshire Eyepiece or Laser Collimator. The short answer is that you can use both for collimation. Cheshire eyepiece is better for aligning the secondary mirror, and Laser collimator […]

Best Camera For Astrophotography – Buying Guide

Choosing the best camera for astrophotography is a challenging task. There are so many factors you have to consider that it can’t be an overnight decision. I remember the first time when I was searching for the best camera for astrophotography, and it was a nightmare. With so many options, it is overwhelming.  So I […]

SVBONY SV105 Review – Is It Any Good?

SVBONY is a Chinese brand manufacturing optical instruments for Astronomy and Hunting. They are famous for selling affordable equipment for telescopes on Amazon and eBay, and they have a lineup of astronomy cameras SV105, SV205, and SV305. In this article, we will take a closer look at SVBONY SV105 planetary camera. SVBONY SV105 is the […]

Telrad Finder Scope – Perfect Star Hopping Tool

You may have noticed a huge boxy thing on top of some telescopes, and these boxes are called Telrad Reflex Sight Findersopes. They have a specific purpose in astronomy when using a telescope. They were designed in the 1970s, and they have not changed since. Telrad reflex finder scope is a simple tool for telescopes, […]

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