Why Are Observatories Built On Mountain Tops

You may be asking why astronomers build large observatories on the mountain tops. Why not build it lower on the ground near the sea level where it won’t require so much work for transporting the telescopes high on the top of the mountain? There are a couple of reasons why the best and largest telescopes […]

Schmidt Cassegrain vs Maksutov Cassegrain – Where Is The Difference?

The Cassegrain design is very popular amongst amateur astronomers, and almost every amateur astronomer will own, at some point in life, the Cassegrain design telescope. We have to types- Schmidt(SCT) and Maksutov(MAK). The main difference between the Schmidt Cassegrain and the Maksutov Cassegrain is the corrector lens at the front of the tube and secondary […]

What Can You See Through a Telescope – Real Examples

This is kind of continuation of my article Planets Through A Telescope where I covered all the planets of our solar system. I was talking about how you can see them through the telescope and added some interesting information about them as well. Go check it if you want because this article will be about […]

Planets Through a Telescope – Can You See Them?

Most people want to see the planets when buying a telescope. Planets of our solar system are an easy and beautiful target for the telescope. They are simple to find with the naked eye on the night sky. If you are a beginner and you don’t know where to find them look for brightest stars […]

What Is Video Astronomy And Why I Like It

Video Astronomy is when you use special Astro video camera to watch the night sky. You replace your eyepiece with a camera, and the image is live on your computer screen or LCD device. When I was buying my first telescope, I was thinking about doing something more than a simple observation through the eyepiece. […]

Refractor vs Reflector Telescope – What Is The Difference?

If you are looking to buy your first telescope, you will find out that there are a few types of telescope designs. The main telescope designs you can choose from are the refractor telescope and reflector telescope. Many people buying the first telescope are making the decision based on the look of the telescope. That […]

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